Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love the most with Life Insurance.

“You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.”

– Unknown.

Some Life Insurance
is Better than None.

Studies show that more than 40% say they haven’t got life insurance because they know much about it or how much they need.

Life Insurance provides financial protection for loved ones should the policyholder die. At Pathway Financial and Insurance Services we offer a range of different life insurance options and we are ready and willing to help you create the policy that works for you.

Term Vs. Permanent Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a type of policy that comes to term or matures after a set amount of time. Typically, term insurance policies are written for 10, 20, 30, or 35 years. Term policies only pay a death benefit to the beneficiary if the policyholder dies during the specified term. Thus, term insurance is more affordable and best suited for policyholders desiring temporary insurance.  Compared to permanent, term offers larger amounts of coverage for smaller premiums.

Permanent life insurance offers lifelong coverage so long as premiums are paid. So, whether you pass away immediately after purchasing coverage or 60 years later, your beneficiaries would receive a death benefit. The majority of permanent life insurance policies also have a cash value component, which is similar to an investment account. You can withdraw or borrow from your policy’s cash value once it’s large enough. The main benefit for permanent life insurance is that the growth is protected from market volatility and is tax-free.

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